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We’re really excited to announce a comprehensive integration between Yammer’s corporate social networking platform and Zao’s powerful employee referral automation and social recruiting tool. The combination of Zao and Yammer brings to the market an unprecedented referral-hiring tool.

Starting today, companies can engage their employees and extended business network in ways never before possible. This integration allows Yammer members to easily launch their employee referral programs on Zao and engage all their employees as well as their extended business network with referrals. Employees are automatically recognized for their effort, increasing engagement and participation in referral programs.

Here are some of the benefits you get from Zao:

* A fully automated employee referral program

Engage your employees like never before with a complete referral platform that makes sharing jobs and finding relevant matches as easy as clicking a button.

* A free, fully branded social career site

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a fully branded career site, including custom backgrounds, banners and videos to showcase your employer brand.

* A complete mobile applicant and referral experience

Engage your employees wherever they are, and allow them to refer applicants, no matter what device they’re on!

* Applicant tracking and workflow

Do you have an ATS? We’ll integrate with it! Don’t have one? Zao has a built in, free applicant tracking system.

* Automatic social job sharing

Never forget to share a job again with automatic job sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

* Comprehensive dashboard

You can’t improve if you don’t know what’s going on. Zao shows you exactly how much interest and traffic your jobs and social career site are generating

Zao’s integration with Yammer includes extremely important and exclusive features:

* Share key achievements and activities with employees on Yammer

Recognizing employees for referrals often goes unnoticed or forgotten when it requires you to manually thank them. Now Zao referral program achievements are automatically added to the Yammer activity feed. This means that when an employee makes a qualified referral or refers a friend that gets interview or hired, these achievements can be shared with the team on Yammer, giving thanks, bragging rights and rewards for helping the company hire. This is a great tool for increasing engagement throughout your entire company.

* Share open jobs and invite employees through Yammer

Easily share jobs with individuals, groups or everyone in the company, helping employees focus on the jobs that are the most important to you.

* Single sign on with your Yammer account

With Yammer, there’s no need to remember Zao usernames and passwords – one click and you’re in! Every employee on Yammer can easily become an active part of the company’s referral program.

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