www.office.com/setup Blogs: At Microsoft’s annual Public Sector CIO Summit, we were pleased to announce a growing community of public sector customers who’ve adopted Office 365 including the City of Kansas City, MO; the City of Seattle; King County, WA; the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Dupage County, the University of Miami, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Sacramento (Sacramento State) and California State University – all who’ve moved to the cloud to increase IT efficiencies while improving their communication and collaboration capabilities.

Today’s government and education organizations are facing unprecedented budget challenges and are embracing the cloud in an effort to maximize IT investments and remain more productive in the face of lower costs – all without sacrificing security or privacy.

Office 365 is uniquely able to meet the needs of our customers while providing them with a familiar and trusted Office experience.  Below are some of examples of how today’s new customers are benefiting from Office 365:

  • City of Kansas City, MO: With the responsibility of delivering services to nearly half a million residents, the Kansas City government chose Office 365 to help increase operational efficiency and reduce IT management costs, helping shrink its energy footprint. Leveraging the latest Microsoft innovations in datacenter design, Kansas City is decreasing energy consumption while boosting workforce productivity, resulting in real impact for citizens.
  • City of Seattle, WA: Delivering services to over 600,000 residents requires a flexible, agile IT infrastructure, and the City of Seattle is adopting Office 365 to help boost internal efficiencies while reducing costs. The City’s workforce will be more productive on the go, with improved remote access to critical applications and files, all within a secure-enhanced, reliable cloud environment.
  • King County, WA: King County, WA is moving to Office 365 as part of a broader strategy to leverage existing IT resources. Through an enterprise service delivery model, employees are taking advantage of expanded opportunities for cross-agency collaboration, while gaining access to the latest video conferencing, instant messaging and productivity solutions.
  • San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA): After reviewing a number of cloud-based email and collaboration solutions – including Google Apps – SDCRAA made the decision to adopt Office 365 for its security features, functionality, and collaboration benefits. Staff are taking advantage of new instant messaging and video conferencing capabilities and the organization is expected to save the organization $40,000 per year on reduced IT management costs, freeing up personnel to focus on delivering essential airport services to citizens.
  • University of Miami: More than 40,000 students, faculty and staff will move to the cloud so everyone on campus will have a common platform to communicate and collaborate more effectively. The College of Medicine required a cloud solution that offered a business associates agreement (BAA) as mandated by the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) because of the sensitive health data, and Office 365 was the only major cloud business productivity solution to address the rigorous HIPAA regulations and programmatically offer a HIPAA BAA to customers.

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