www.office.com/setup Blogs: May’s Customer of the Month is Melanie Hohertz, Online Communications Lead, Cargill.

I’ve been supporting Yammer as a work platform for Cargill for almost a year. We’re early in our adoption, but it’s been an amazing experience. I am learning, daily, how Yammer can change the way people and teams work and add value in a company that is more than 140,000 strong and spread throughout 65 countries. Our network will pass 10,000 members soon and already, you can’t stump us on anything. From food to agriculture to financial and industrial products and services, Yammer is helping Cargill use what Cargill knows, and that’s a lot.

Yammer can connect people across silos based on organization, geography and hierarchy. I’ve seen customer reps talking directly to product management, and senior leaders listening to recently-hired employees. We have new ways to realize the power of our communities of practice to speed up ideation and action. Sure, we still have a long road ahead before Yammer is as ubiquitous and instinctive as e-mail, but we throw a heck of a YamJam, and the signal-to-noise ratio in our network is beautiful.

Bottom line, we bought Yammer to save money, make money, and create opportunity. All these hard benefits depend on engagement. I consult with and train business units, teams and key stakeholders throughout Cargill to set objectives and support people in understanding why, how and when to work differently. Change is a process, and while resistance is guaranteed, you’ll also see colleagues grabbing hold of these new tools and creating value their way.

I believe in social collaboration. I feel it has the power to harness people’s energy and expertise, optimize workflow, connect virtual communities, drive value for shared services, revitalize communications and company events, and enable personal development and mentoring.

Plus… Honestly, I am never, ever, ever bored.

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