www.office.com/setup Blogs: If you are now using the newest Microsoft Office 2016 and wonder how to encrypt and decrypt a Word document, read this page to get the tricks.

Part 1: How to encrypt a Word 2016 document with password

There are two methods.

Method 1:

Step 1: Open your Word 2016 document. Click the File tab on the menu bar.

Click File - www.office.com/setup

Step 2: Select the Info tab. Then click Protect Document -> Encrypt with Password.

Click Encrypt with Password - www.office.com/setup

Step 3: In the Encrypt Document box type a password and click OK. In the Confirm Password dialog re-enter the password and click OK.

Type password - www.office.com/setup

Step 4: Click Save to save your changes.

click Save - www.office.com/setup

Then this Word 2016 document is encrypted with password. Anyone needs to enter the right password before he can open the document. If you need to decrypt it, just repeat the steps above; when you get to the step 3, click in the Encrypt Document box and press Backspace key to delete the password.

Method 2:

Step 1: Open the Word 2016 document. Click File -> Save As. Then select one location where you want to save this document.

Step 2: In the Save As dialog, type a file name. Then click the Tools button at the bottom and select General Options.

Click General Options - www.office.com/setup

Step 3: In the General Options dialog, type a password in the box next to Password to open and click OK. Type the password and click OK again to confirm.

Type encryption password - www.office.com/setup

Step 4: When you get back in the Save As dialog, click Save button to save this document.

Now this Word 2016 document is encrypted with password. A password is required if anyone wants to open the document. If you want to decrypt it, just repeat the steps above; when get to the Step 3, click in the Password to Open box and press the Backspace key to delete the password.

Part 2: how to decrypt a Word 2016 document without password

If you get locked out of an encrypted Word 2016 document and don’t know its password, how can you decrypt the document? As all Microsoft Office versions don’t provide uses any feature to recover a lost password, you need the help of a third-party tool like Word Password Refixer.

Step 1: Get Word Password Refixer software and install it on your computer. Once installation is completed, launch this software.

Step 2: Click Open button. Then through the Open File dialog navigate to the path to the password-encrypted Word 2016 document. Select the document and click Open to import it into the software.

Step 3: Select one attack type from the drop-down and configure the settings based on your own needs.

select attack type - www.office.com/setup

Tips: Knowing more about Dictionary and Mask attack can help you make a better choice of an attack type. Knowing the tricks of how to perform a high performance password recovery can help better configure the settings.

Step 4: Click Start button. Then wait patiently till the password is found and displayed.

Find encryption password - www.office.com/setup

Step 5: Use the password to open the encrypted Word 2016 document. And then you can decrypt it.

Tips: Word Password Refixer software is specially designed for Windows uses. That is to say, it can help decrypt a Word document when Office 2016/2013 is installed on a Windows-based computer instead of a Mac or other device.

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